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By its very nature, the pinwheel connotes whimsy and childlike notions. In essence, it has come to serve as the physical embodiment, or reminder, of the bright childhoods we want for all children.

Show support for growing a better tomorrow for all of our children, together. Order your set of 10 pinwheels today!


10 Free Pinwheels


Illuminate Colorado is giving away 10 FREE Pinwheels for Prevention® to Coloradans to inspire our communities to grow a better tomorrow for all children, together.

Display your 10 free pinwheels in April as a show of support for strengthening Colorado families and families across the nation.

Each pinwheel comes with a small greeting card to give to someone else or display to help inspire other people in our community to learn more about how we can strengthen families, right now.

Shipping & handling not included. Only one order per person.


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Take Collective Action

There are many ways to use pinwheels to show support for growing a better tomorrow for all of our children, together.

  • Display your pinwheels in a pot in your frontyard or window to show your support.

  • Leave a pinwheel on the doorstep of 10 of your neighbor’s houses to build the movement.

  • Give your pinwheels to a child you care about along with the coloring sheet.

  • Give your pinwheels to an elected offical and talk to them about policies and programs that strengthen families.

Pinwheels For Prevention® Brand Guidelines

Please note that Pinwheels for Prevention® and the blue pinwheel mark are both trademarked by PCA America. Therefore, partners cannot use these elements without written permission from the state chapter, Illuminate Colorado, and must be accompanied with the PCA America/state chapter logo for proper attribution. Any person or organization who uses these trademarked components without written permission or misuses the marks will be notified of trademark infringement. Promoting the pinwheels in a positive manner and with positive messages and slogans is a requirement of the campaign. The pinwheels may not represent victims of child maltreatment, however, the message points can help inspire support for action all along the continuum of prevention. If you need support framing your message, don’t hesitate to reach out.